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The Alchemy Arca Collection

Latin; noun arca (genitive arcae) - chest, box, coffer (a safe place for storing valuable items). Descendents: arcane - esoteric, secret, mysterious; arcana - essence, elixir. ark - a sacred container, The Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark.

Alchemy Arca - a distinctive and rare collection of exotic sumptuary from the 'Alchemy 1977' studio, England.

Alchemy Arca is a subjective sellection of contemporary extravagance. Here are the finest examples of Alchemy's unique design, innovative craftsmanship and exotic eccentrica, taken from their extensive 'A.1977' collection of jewellery and lifestyle products.

This sometimes controversial, though surprisingly elegant and contemporaneous collection, exemplifies Alchemy Studio's design virtuosity and outré-originality. The 30-year old English design and manufacturing company, here demonstrates their unique, fascinating potential for tasteful, eccentric prestige.

Here, Alchemy impressively evidence their influentially leading role in, and justify their impact upon, contemporary fashion and alternative lifestyles from the 1980's onwards. Their innovative and dissenting styles have been widely imitated - their enigmatic identity, provocatively undiscovered.

Arca is a citation and a stylistic introduction to the inspirational objectives for which Alchemy's prestigious creativity is headed. Think adventurously and prepare to be amazed…

Available to Download: Our three stunning Arca promotional flyers (in pdf format)

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